It was announced yesterday that two contracts worth £47 million and £32 million have been awarded to BAE Systems Maritime-Submarines, based in Barrow-in-Furness to design the next class of highly advanced submarines for the Royal Navy.

According to government reports, the submarines are being designed to be some of the stealthiest in the world and are expected to see operational service from the late 2020s right up to the 2060s.

The design and build programme is said to be amongst the most complex ever undertaken by British industry with approximately 2,000 MOD and industrial staff working on the programme, with more than half of these working as engineers and designers.

Over 850 potential UK suppliers have so far been identified as benefiting from investment in the programme and as many as 6,000 people will be involved by the time that the construction reaches a peak.

This will likely come as welcome news to the workers of BAE, Barrow, with the announced closure of BAE’s Portsmouth Shipyard last month.

First Sea Lord Admiral Sir George Zambellas said:

“The Royal Navy has been operating continuous at-sea deterrent patrols for more than 40 years and the Successor submarines will allow us to do so with cutting-edge equipment well into the future.”

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