One of the consequences of the financial crisis is the growth in disputes against the banks which, at the top-end of the scale, involve claims for vast sums of money.

Clients may think that the natural choice would be to turn to the “magic circle” law firms with much of this type of work being big ticket, highly profitable litigation. The problem that the magic circle firms and larger players in the legal market have is that they are often on legal panels for the banks and cannot act in disputes as this would conflict with the corporate work they do on behalf of their clients. For many firms of this size, corporate work is still one of the most profitable areas of practice. The refusal of mainly large and medium-sized firms to act against the banks means there are excellent opportunities for practices which do  not have the same conflicts of interest.

Boutique law firms such as Bargate Murray with expertise in dispute resolution and litigation can seize this chance to act for clients involved in disputes with banks.  Bargate Murray have expertise in acting for clients in claims agianst financial  institutions such as banks and insurers.

For more information about how we can assist with your banking dispute, please contact Quentin Bargate or Andrew Denny of Bargate Murray.