Many private and corporate jets are flying into Sochi this month for the 2014 XXII Olympic Winter Games.  Behind the scenes, special teams have been set up to cater for the influx.

Around $200m USD has been invested in a new terminal, runway expansions and other measures to accommodate passengers and operators at Sochi International Airport.

Specialist aircraft maintenance teams are on hand to provide assistance 24/7 from February 4th to 27th to aircraft owners and operators arriving for the event.

In anticipation of a significant number of its private and corporate jets, Embraer has stocked up on spare parts stocks located both in Moscow and Prague, which can be flown to location through partner company ABS Jets.

Besides Sochi International Airport (URSS), private/corporate jet services can also be provided in Krasnodar (URKK) and Anapa (URKA), which will serve as relief airfields to the main airport. Engineers on duty for the events are speaking English and Russian, as well as the local Ossian language.