CEO Quentin Bargate comments on the era ahead when air travel might be replaced increasingly by sea travel – as evidenced by environmental activist Greta Thundberg’s transatlantic crossing.

The answer to climate change is better science, and access to knowledge, not treating the seas as a haven only accessible by the wealthy.

I’d like to see yachts used as tools for education, with free charters for students in exchange for tax breaks and incentives

I’d like to see the work of the International Sea Keepers Society given far wider publicity inside and outside yachting. Initiatives such as their Citizen Science  facilitates research, exploration, and education. Yacht owners and crew can take part in research projects that depend on the participation of non-scientists within the community. Their Discovery yachts program leads the way with this.

The big problem with yachts is so little is known about them. Thus, their environmental potential is largely untapped. Greta Thundberg’s speech to the UN may have embarrassed traditionalists but there is much good that yachts and yacht owners can do, helped by government incentives and public awareness.”

This was originally published in The Times and can be accessed here