Senior Partner Quentin Bargate has been recognised in the Spear’s 500 2019 edition for “Aviation & Yachts”.

‘What led me into doing superyacht related work were my clients – they bought superyachts and I followed,’ says Quentin Bargate, who founded luxury asset law firm Bargate Murray in 2004. His niche specialism stemmed from a background in maritime law and commercial shipping work. Bargate notes how the emergence of the superyacht industry coincided with ‘the arrival of HNW and UHNW individuals as a group in their own right, so yachts were associated with being the most luxury asset’. As superyachts are complicated vessels, Bargate advises his UHNW and HNW clients to be aware of potential legal issues. ‘The wise and experienced yachter tends to recognise that they need coverage at all times,’ he says.

This was originally published in Spear’s 500 and can be accessed here.