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Crowdfunding + Deregulation = the new e-Go aircraft

Thanks to individual investors and the UK CAA’s recent relaxation of licensing rules for light aircraft, the one-seater e-Go has been completely developed and built in the UK. This new 115kg aircraft, which its manufacturers hope will be in production by early 2015, will cost only £50,000 + VAT to buy, and £15 an hour to fly (around ten times less than other…

UK CAA’s new General Aviation Unit to be operational by April 2014

The new General Aviation Unit within the CAA, which is designed to reduce red tape in the GA sector, is to be fully operational by April 2014. The GA Unit will oversee: regulation of non-complex EASA and national Annex II aircraft general non-commercial operation of those aircraft design, production and maintenance of those aircraft pilot training organisations small non-public transport airfields The GA…