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A review of the American Cyanamid principles – the meaning of “adequate remedy”

In American Cyanamid Co v Ethicom Ltd [1975] AC 396, the court developed a set of guidelines to establish whether an applicant's case merited the granting of an interlocutory injunction. The main American Cyanamid guidelines, as they have come to be known, are: Whether there is a serious question to be tried. What would be the balance of convenience of each party should the order be granted…

Case law update: exploring the exceptions to a freezing order

The recent judgment of Parvalorem v Oliveira and others [2013] EWHC 4195 (Ch) saw the High Court consider the approach in the granting, or continuation of, a freezing order, in relation to the “typical exceptions” for ordinary business expenses, living expenses and legal costs. In brief, the case concerned a dispute as to the allowance for business expenses, (which had not been specified…