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We are back at Monaco, 24-27 September!

We're back!  With our co-sponsors, we will once again be hosting our number 1 ranked event at Vintage Bar, 24-27 September 2014 during the Monaco Yacht Show.  We hope to see you there!                  

When does contesting jurisdiction become “playing the system”?

It is a fundamental principle of private international law that a party should be entitled to question whether a court can take jurisdiction over them. As the number and complexity of cross-border transactions continues to rise*, when commercial disputes arise, the question of whether a defendant is being sued in a court of competent jurisdiction is one that is likely to be asked…

Quentin Bargate at Cayman Islands Yacht Conference in Ft Lauderdale

Senior Partner Quentin Bargate, seen here third from left,  joined a distinguished panel of experts discussing tax and fiscal issues affecting the yacht industry. Market analysis suggest that the superyacht market is picking up after the recession and more newbuild orders are being placed. Quentin emphasised the lack of a fully harmonised approach to interpretation of EU law in Europe and the need…

Financial Risk – Asset Use in Europe

As a Maritime and Aviation law firm, we are frequently called upon to advise clients who are looking to use their assets in Europe, either for personal or business use. HNW clients are generally more mobile and of higher profile than the average person.  This exposes them to increased risk.  They have aircraft, yachts,  and other valuable assets and understandably wish to minimize…