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Quentin Bargate, Gamechanger

 Quentin Bargate is recognised as a gamechanger in the latest edition of Gamechanger magazine.  Download the full PDF copy of the magazine and read more about his exceptional achievements.Full PDF (8mb):Gamechangers Magazine - Eleven - 15 QBARGATEreduced     

Fresh Brain Food: “Is a Superyacht Lawyer Key to Your Project?”

First Published in the September 2015 edition of Yacht investor, here is Quentin and Adam's  combined thoughts on this intriguing subject, with a PDF downloadable copy available from the link Co-authored by Adam Ramlugon and Quentin Bargate. Is a Superyacht Lawyer Key to Your Project? The question “do I need a superyacht lawyer?” is one that we are asked from time to time,…