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Quentin Bargate, Gamechanger

 Quentin Bargate is recognised as a gamechanger in the latest edition of Gamechanger magazine.  Download the full PDF copy of the magazine and read more about his exceptional achievements.Full PDF (8mb):Gamechangers Magazine - Eleven - 15 QBARGATEreduced     

Quentin Bargate Elected to Baltic Exchange

We are delighted to announce that our Senior Partner, Quentin Bargate, has been elected as a member of the Baltic Exchange. The Baltic Exchange is the world's only independent source of maritime market information for the trading and settlement of physical and derivative shipping contracts. It's international community of over 600 member firms encompasses the majority of world shipping interests and commits to…

Increases in hourly rates – City excess or savvy spending?

It seems that the financial malaise that set in around August 2007 has done little to curb the costs of retaining a “magic circle” law firm.   As recently reported by the Times Newspaper, partners at these firms are now charging up to £850 per hour for their services. This represents a 62 per cent increase since 2005. Firms which are often placed in…

Quentin Bargate at Cayman Islands Yacht Conference in Ft Lauderdale

Senior Partner Quentin Bargate, seen here third from left,  joined a distinguished panel of experts discussing tax and fiscal issues affecting the yacht industry. Market analysis suggest that the superyacht market is picking up after the recession and more newbuild orders are being placed. Quentin emphasised the lack of a fully harmonised approach to interpretation of EU law in Europe and the need…