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Quentin Bargate, Gamechanger

 Quentin Bargate is recognised as a gamechanger in the latest edition of Gamechanger magazine.  Download the full PDF copy of the magazine and read more about his exceptional achievements.Full PDF (8mb):Gamechangers Magazine - Eleven - 15 QBARGATEreduced     

Fresh Brain Food: “Is a Superyacht Lawyer Key to Your Project?”

First Published in the September 2015 edition of Yacht investor, here is Quentin and Adam's  combined thoughts on this intriguing subject, with a PDF downloadable copy available from the link Co-authored by Adam Ramlugon and Quentin Bargate. Is a Superyacht Lawyer Key to Your Project? The question “do I need a superyacht lawyer?” is one that we are asked from time to time,…

MLC Update – Tripartite Committee to convene April 2014

Following the entry into force of the landmark Maritime Labour Convention in August this year, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has confirmed that an international tripartite meeting will be held in April 2014 to discuss proposed amendments to the Convention. Article XIII of the Convention specifically provides for the ILO to carry out a process of continuous review, and to convene “Special Tripartite…