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Crowdfunding + Deregulation = the new e-Go aircraft

Thanks to individual investors and the UK CAA’s recent relaxation of licensing rules for light aircraft, the one-seater e-Go has been completely developed and built in the UK. This new 115kg aircraft, which its manufacturers hope will be in production by early 2015, will cost only £50,000 + VAT to buy, and £15 an hour to fly (around ten times less than other…

‘Fastest ever’ broadband passes speed test

A great new boost for technology in London with a test of the fastest ever broadband (1.4 terabits per second) being completed successfully. The test was conducted on a 410km (255-mile) link between the BT Tower in central London and Ipswich.  

Biofuel takes off

After large-scale collaborations between aircraft and engine manufacturers, oil companies, and airlines, aviation biofuel first entered commercial use in 2011.  Since then, airlines including Lufthansa, KLM, Finnair and Air Alaska have begun using biofuels on certain commercial flights. Abu Dhabi carrier Etihad has now joined airlines committed to the commercialisation of biofuel in an initiative with Boeing and Total, with a successful test…

E-Disclosure to Support Jackson Reforms

From 1 January 2014, an e-disclosure protocol, approved by the Technology and Construction Court (TCC) will be available for use. The protocol has been designed with the aim of better managing disclosure in document heavy cases in the TCC. It sets out a template for the parties to follow and it guides them on how to extract electronic digital data by storing and…